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 Product Introduction
PIE Scientific specializes in developing plasma sources and their applications in electron and ion beam technologies. Our unique smartClean™   technology will autonomously keep your electron and ion microscopes or other vacuum system free of hydrocarbon contamination. We also build customized high brightness plasma ion sources for microfabrication, neutron generator, accelerator applications. With decades of experience in high-resolution electron beam and ion beam imaging equipment development, we also provide high-resolution electron and ion optics design service.
SEMI-KLEEN plasma cleaner is the state-of-the-art vacuum chamber plasma cleaner for SEM, FIB, TEM, E-Beam Inspection, E-Beam Review, CD-SEM and other vacuum systems. Advanced plasma discharge technology can generate plasma at source pressure of only 0.1mTorr. Only highly efficient plasma discharge technology can ignite and sustain a plasma below 1.0 mTorr in the source. Other remote plasma cleaners can only work at source pressure above 5mTorr or above 50mTorr.  Low pressure plasma cleaning is more efficient and more uniform than high pressure plasma cleaning due to smaller likelihood of recombination for radical atoms. Low chamber pressure also protects turbo pump during cleaning.
  Cleaning_effect_Reduction_of_image_contrast Contaminated_electrodes
Besides the advanced plasma discharge technology, our SmartClean™  technology can autonomously take care of your system based on a customizable  SmartSchedule feature. Unique features such as plasma probe for plasma strength monitoring, automatic RF impedance matching, MFC with pressure sensor feedback servo control and UV reflector for enhanced UV cleaning are only available on our plasma cleaners.
An embedded microcomputer with touch screen user interface and an intuitive remote PC control UI make the operation of a scientific instrument as easy as a smart device. Our plasma cleaners can beat competitors on any specification!
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