• Carbon System 328EB
  • Carbon Coater 208, High Resolution
  • Carbon Coater 108 Auto

Carbon System 328EB


328-EB 328EB Carbon System

ED-Carbon EB-Carbon Source
Product Introduction
The improved resolution of FESEMs and TEMs demands improved specimen preparation techniques and the ability to produce ultra high resolution coatings. For non-conductive samples, specimen preparation and coating is the key to ultra high resolution imaging. Ultra-high resolution coatings are ultra-thin, structure-free and conform metal (W, Pt, Cr or Ir) or carbon coatings. The new, advanced 328 series coater from Cressington is specifically designed for the needs of ultra high resolution FESEM or TEM imaging.
The 328EB-Carbon System for FESEM and/or TEM enables EB-carbon coating at a relatively moderate cost. Ultra-thin electron bean evaporated carbon layers are structure-free and strong. They are ideal or demanding EBSD applications (EB-carbon does not diffuse the EBSD patterns) and ultra high resolution FESEM imaging. EB-carbon is also excellent for TEM applications.
Using the optional adaptor kit, the EB source can be easily converted to accept Pt/C for low Angle Rotary Shadowing. The Eucentric Rotary-Tilting Stage can be easily tilted to the desired angle with the index angle control handle outside the vacuum chamber. The 328EB-Carbon is supplied complete with the advanced Cressington EB-500 power supply and the ultra high resolution MTM-10 Thickness Monitor System.
The 328EB-Carbon can either be purchased as a dedicated system or the top plate of the 328UHR Sputter System can be exchanged against a top plate with the EB source and the EB-500 Power Supply. After changing the top plate we advise to pump for at least 24 hours to re-condition the vacuum system since the quality of the coatings rely on the ultimate vacuum in the 10-7 mbar region.
The 328 System includes a sample load lock system with a loading rod and sample transfer sledge which locks into the Eucentric Rotary-Tilting Stage/ The sample transfer sledge accepts Diameter 25mm cylindrical Jeol mounts and Diameter 25mm Hitachi mounts without using an adaptor. For smaller sample mounts or pin stubs, sample carriers are required. The system comes with two sample carriers. Sample carriers are available for 1/2 inch and 1 inch pin mounts FEI, Zeiss, Tescan), 15mm Hitachi mounts, 10mm Jeol mounts and 5x5mm Si chips
The 328 Series is available in two versions:
  • 328 UHR for Ultra High Resolution Sputtering of FESEM Samples
  • 328 EB-Carbon for demanding FESEM and/or TEM applications
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Carbon Coater 208, High Resolution



208C with pumping system

Product Introduction
The most advanced Carbon Coater with wide applications for TEM, SEM and microprobe techniques. The modular design permits rapid change between a variety of applications with optimized operation conditions.
The Cressington 208 is designed as a modular system to adapt to the many different needs demanded by modern EM sample prep techniques. The basic system can be fitted with different accessories to customize a specialist system for TEM (support films, shadowing, aperture cleaning, glow discharge etc.) or SEM (high vacuum for microprobe or polished substrates – low vacuum for course or granular substrates) or both.
The main features are:-
 Voltage controlled rod source gives multiple evaporation capability.
Automatic evaporation control gives ease of use in a busy environment.
Low cost thickness monitor gives reproducible results.
80 l/sec turbo pump on a 150mm chmaber gives very rapid pump down.
Reduces operating costs several ways:- No diffusion pump to leave on continuously

– No need for water cooling

– No need for LN2 (dry nitrogen gas optional)

– Compact, space saving, modern bench top design.

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Carbon Coater 108 Auto


 108C-Head108C – Head
Product Introduction
The Cressington 108 Carbon Coaters use a novel evaporation supply. Current and voltage are monitored by sensor wires in the head and evaporation source is controlled as part of a feedback loop. The supply gives the conventional rod fed source usual stability stability and reproducibility. Power consumption is allow and the source shows exceptional re-starting characteristics. The evaporation source can be operated in “Pulse” or “Continuous” modes.
The Cressington 108 Carbon Auto offers the choice of either manual or automatic evaporation.
In automatic mode the evaporation source operates at a programmed voltage for a programmed time. The programmer is simply adjusted and displays voltage and time digitally.
In manual mode the unique Cressington supply can be operated in “Pulse” or “Continuous” with the output voltage set using the rotary control.
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