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Targets for your Coaters

We provide various type of targets for different types of coaters as well.


We supply a comprehensive list of consumables and spares for your Cressington Coaters as listed below for you to choose from.  If your require target that is not in the list, please feel free to contact us. We are able to source less common targets such as Iridium and etc.

Code # Description
Sputter Coater Targets
81001 Gold Target (Ø57mm x 0.1mm)
81002 Platinum Target (Ø57mm x 0.1mm)
81003 Gold/Palladium Target (Ø57mm x 0.1mm)
81004 Chromium Target (Ø57mm x 3.2mm) for 208HR only
81005 Tantalum Target (Ø57mm x 0.1mm) for 208HR only
81006 Platinum/Palladium Target (Ø57mm x 0.1mm)
81007 Gold Target (Ø57mm x 0.2mm)
81008 Copper Target (Ø57mm x 0.1mm)
81011 Silver Target (Ø57mm x 0.1mm)
Spare Sample Tables for R-P-T Stage
87080 Sample Table for 6 x 12.5mm pin stubs
87081 Sample Table for 3 x M4 and 3 x 12.5mm pin stubs
87082 Sample Table for 4 x Ø10mm stubs
87083 Sample Table for 4 x Ø15mm stubs
87084 Sample Table for 1 x Ø25mm mount
87085 Sample Table for 1 x Ø32mm mount
87086 Sample Table for 4 x 12.5mm stubs
87087 Adaptor for Ø32mm mount to Ø25mm mount
Carbon Rods and Carbon Source Spares
30816 Carbon Rod Shaper (for Ø6.15mm rod only)
30817 Carbon Rod Shaper Blade (for 30816)
85001 Precision Machined Carbon Rods for 60 Hz (Pk 10)
85002 Precision Machined Carbon Rods for 50 Hz (Pk 10)
85103 Carbon Rods (Ø6.15 x 305mm) for 60 Hz (Pk 10)
85104 Carbon Rods (Ø6.15 x 305mm) for 50 Hz (Pk 10)
85110 Replacement Carbon Rod Slider
85111 Carbon Rod Slider Springs (Pk 5)
85112 Copper Braids (Pk 5)
85113 Ceramic Insulators (Pk 8)
85114 Insulator Set for Bradley Carbon Source
85150 Bradley Carbon Source for 108carbon
Thickness Monitor / Thickness Controller
21300 Thickness Monitor/Controller Crystals (Pk 10)
21304 Cable 190mm long (SMB/SMB for 108 with static table)
21307 Cable 300mm long (SMB/SMB for 208 or 108 with R-P-T)
80230 Thickness Monitor Hardware Kit for Static Table
84230 Thickness Monitor Hardware Kit for R-P-T Stage
Sample Chambers and Vacuum
80500 Replacement Glass Chamber (Ø120 x 120mm)
80501 Replacement Chamber O-rings (Ø120mm / Pk 2)
87010 Replacement Glass Chamber (Ø150 x 150mm)
87011 Replacement Glass Spacer (Ø150 x 65mm)
87012 Metal Spacer Ring Standard M15F (Ø150 x 15mm)
87013 Metal Spacer to connect Chamber with Glass Spacer F20F (Ø150 x 20mm)
87015 Replacement Chamber O-rings (Ø150mm / Pk 2)
80127 Dual Pumping System Upgrade Kit
80156 Rotary Pump Exhaust Filters (Pk 5)
80157 Rotary Pump Oil for Alcatel BB 2002 (1 litre)
80158 Rotary Pump Oil for Pfeiffer DUO 2.5 (1 litre)
Metal Evaporation / Aperture Cleaning
87060 Tungsten Evaporation Baskets 35A (Pk 10)
87061 Tungsten Evaporation Filaments 40A (Pk 10)
87066 Molybdenum Boats for Evaporation 25A (Pk 10)
87068 Molybdenum Boats for Aperture Cleaning (Pk 10)
CFE-50 / CFE-60 Freeze Fracture System
12601 EB Gun Ceramic Insulators (Pk 10)
12602 EB Gun Tungsten Emitter Filaments (Pk 10)
12605 Pt/C Rods 2mm (Pk 10)
12607 Machined Carbon Rods 3mm (Pk 10)
12616 W/Ta Rods 4mm (Pk 5)
12635 Pt/C Rods 3mm (Pk 5)
40525 Microtome Blades (Pk 5)

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