• Sputter Coater 328 UHR - Ultra High Resolution
  • Sputter Coater 208HR - High Resolution
  • Sputter Coater 108 Auto

Sputter Coater 328 UHR - Ultra High Resolution

328UHR-EDIT 328-Acc


Product Introduction
The improved resolution of FESEMs and TEMs demands improved specimen preparation techniques and the ability to produce ultra high resolution coatings. For nonconductive samples, specimen preparation and coating is the key to ultra high resolution imaging. Ultra-high resolution coatings are ultra-thin, structure-free and conform metal (W, Pt, Cr or Ir) or carbon coatings. The new, advanced 328 Series coater from Cressington is specifically designed for the needs of ultra high resolution FESEM or TEM imaging.
The 328UHR Ultra High Resolution Sputter System includes a unique on-axis twin sputter source design which enables sequential sputtering of metal without breaking the vacuum. The twin source design rotates at 180 degrees placing one sputter source in the park position and the other sputter head on-axis for coating. A shutter is incorporated for target conditioning. The Dual Source DC-100 sputter power supply supplies up to 80mA continuously variable sputter current. A large selection of sputter targets is available. For UHR coating we suggest W, Pt, Cr or Ir.
The programmable Turbo Pump on the 328 Systems can be optimized for both ultra high vacuum or for sputtering conditions. The sample load lock system enables quick sample transfer without breaking the near UHV vacuum. The Eucentric Rotary-Tilting Stage allows for selecting the desired coating angle with the indexed angle control handle outside the vacuum chamber. The Ultra High Resolution MTM-10 Thickness Monitor is integrated in the 328 System.
Larger samples (up to 90mm) can be loaded through the front window/door with its unique latching lock mechanism. When using the front door, the pump down and cycle time will be longer.
The 328 Series is available in two versions:
  • 328 UHR for Ultra High Resolution Sputtering of FESEM Samples
  • 328 EB-Carbon for demanding FESEM and/or TEM applications
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Sputter Coater 208HR - High Resolution


Product Introduction
The Cressington 208HR now offers real solutions to the problems encountered when coating difficult samples for FE-SEM. In oder to minimize the effects of grain size the 208HR offers a full range of coating materials and gives unprecedented control over thickness and deposition conditions. To minimize charging effects the 208HR stage design and wide range of operating pressures allows precise control of the uniformity and conformity of the coating. The HIGH/LOW chamber configuration allows easy adjustment of working distance.  
The main features are:-
Wide Choice of Coating MaterialsMagnetron head design and effective gas handling allow a wide choice of target materials (see specification).
Precision Thickness Control:-Thickness optimized to the FE-SEM operating voltage using the MTM-20 high resolution thickness controller.
Multiple Sample Stage Movements:-Separate rotary, planetary and tilting movements allow optimized coating distribution and coverage. (view RPT Stage)
Variable Chamber Geometry:-Chamber geometry is used to adjust deposition rates from 1.0 nm/sec to 0.002 nm/sec to optimize structure.
Wide Range of operating Pressures:-Independent power/pressure adjustment allows operation at argon gas pressure ranges of 0.2 – 0.005 mbar.
Compact Modern Benchtop Design:-Space and energy saving design eliminates need for floor space, water, specialized electrical connections.
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Sputter Coater 108 Auto



Product Introduction
Cressington 108 Sputter Coaters are ideal for routine sample preparation. Compact, economical and simple to operate, they offer rapid pump down times, fine-grain coatings and negligible sample heating. Cool, fine-grain sputtering is achieved with a very efficient DC magnetron head. A quick change target method allows a range of metals to be used. The safety interlocked sputtering supply is fully variable and setting the sputter current is not influenced by vacuum level.
The Cressington 108 Auto Sputter Coater offers the choice of manual or automatic operation. The specification also includes automatic vent (with a choice of vent gas) and argon purge control.
In automatic mode the coater can be controlled in two ways. The digital timer can be used to give repeatable coatings or the (optional) MTM-20 controller can be used to terminate the sputtering process at the desired thickness.
The sputter current is set on a digital programmer and is not dependent on the argon gas pressure in the sputtering chamber. Pressure adjustments and current adjustments are carried out separately.
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