Significance of Applied Physics in electron microscopy community

Electron microscope plays a crucial role in determining an image of the specimen. With electron microscopy that proffers higher magnifications enable to see such a smaller objects in detailed. Electron microscopy comes with a large piece of equipment as well as required a personnel training to operate the machine. Most of electron microscopes use electrostatic lenses to manage the route of electrons. At Applied Physics, we provide ranging products that cater your needs in the electron microscope community. Therefore, we strive for its excellence in providing the highest standard of products and services to our customer. Coating of sample is necessary in the field of electron microscopy to enhance and improvise the imaging of samples. The 108C Auto Carbon Coater is designed specifically for coating non-conductive specimens and seen as the most effective sample coaters. The 108C is a compact system, easy to operate. PIE stands for Plasma, Ion and Electron. It is founded in silicon valley and has more than 15 years of experience in developing advanced semiconductor capital equipment. PIE develops and owns its plasma technology and therefore applies the latest development in plasma for a range of products such as EM-Kleen, SEMI-Kleen remote plasma cleaner for in-situ plasma cleaning in electron microscope. With the latest Tergeo Tabletop plasma cleaner, this provides plasma cleaning for all types of electron microscope samples. The Tergeo plasma cleaner is also capable of attaching TEM holder for sample cleaning. The Cressington coaters are the most advanced coaters that available today with a huge range of applications such as TEM, FESEM, EDS and SEM. Plasma cleaning of specimens before proceeding to electron microscopy has proven to be an effective method in alleviating specimen contamination. It has been widely report that "an oxygen plasma" is plausible in getting rid of hydrocarbon contamination. Plasma cleaner is designed specifically to be a quick fix for contamination in any vacuum systems. SEMI KLEEN plasma cleaner has 100 watt RF. It is adjustable and with low EMI emission.

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