CRESSINGTON Ultra High Resolution EM Coating System

The improved resolution of FESEMs and TEMs demands improved specimen preparation techniques and the ability to produce ultra high resolution coatings. For nonconductive samples, specimen preparation and coating is the key to ultra high resolution imaging. Ultra-high resolution coatings are ultra-thin, structure- free and conform metal (W, Pt, Cr or Ir) or carbon coatings. The new, advanced 328 Series coater from Cressington is specifically designed for the needs of ultra high resolution FESEM or TEM imaging. The 328 Series is available in two versions: ● 328UHR for ultra high resolution sputtering of FESEM samples ● 328EB-Carbon for demanding FESEM and/or TEM applications The 328 system combines a unique set of features into this powerful desktop coating platform: ● Near-Ultra High Vacuum Pumping System combining a hybrid turbo pump with a cryopump in the chamber to achieve an ultimate vacuum of 6x10-8mbar ● Compact clean 8" stainless steel vacuum chamber ● Sample loadlock for quick sample exchange ● Eucentric Rotary-Tilting Stage for uniform and conform coating -MTM-10 Ultra High Resolution Thickness Monitor

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