Sputter Coater of Cressington, mainly the Cressington 208HR now offers real solutions to the problems encountered when coating as it minimizes the effects of grain size. The 208HR offers a full range of coating materials and gives unprecedented deposition conditions. To minimize charging effects the 208HR stage design and wide range of operating of the uniformity and conformity of the coating. The HIGH/LOW chamber configuration allows easy adjustment. It also features several advantages such as the Wide Choice of Coating Materials in which magnetron head design and effective gas handling allow a wide specification.

Another advantageous feature of this product is its Precision Thickness Control. This feature optimizes the thickness to the FE-SEM operating voltage using the MTM-controller. Multiple Sample Stage Movements is another feature which separates rotary, planetary and tilting movements which thus allow optimized coverage.

Variable Chamber Geometry is the product’s feature which is used to adjust deposition rates from 1.0 nm/structure. Another advantageous feature of this product is that it allows wide range of operating pressures, in which independent power/pressure adjustment allows operation 0.2 – 0.005 mbar. Space and energy saving design which eliminates need for floor space and connections is also possible due the product’s Compact Modern Benchtop Design.

Applied Physics is a scientific instrument distribution company incorporated in Singapore which makes available of this product. The company’s services and products offering are dedicated to the electron microscopy community. It likewise offers products such as RF plasma cleaner, sputter coater, carbon coater, high vacuum evaporators, freeze fracture coating solutions, vacuum pumping systems and consumables. Applied Physics has a dedicated team of people with years of extensive experience in the field of electron microscopy and microanalysis. They truly understand the needs of each customer and are focusing on what they do best. Their customers are their priority as such they are committed to their customer to deliver the best solutions for their applications and requirements.

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