Cressington Coaters for electron microscopy

Knowledge about our planet Earth and the universe beyond it, have been obtained by humans throughout the years. And it is all thanks to the great historical people who have worked hard for very long in order to be able to understand all that are happening in the world. We may know a lot, but it is still limited. That is why researchers never stopped conducting various studies in order to further expand their knowledge of the scientific world. This is why people have kept on developing tools and scientific equipment that helps when it comes to gathering important information, like the discovery of a new specimen, for example. Among these tools is the microscope. It is one of the tools which revolutionized microbiology. And today it has developed into something more powerful, that is, the electron microscope. The electron microscope is a more powerful version of the old microscope. It has a very high magnification. It is capable of seeing things which are a thousand times smaller. Thus it is much better than the optical microscope. It is a delicate form of equipment, and it takes proper personnel training before using it. Moreover, it is not easy for some specimens to look visible under the scanning lens of the electron microscope. The sample must be conductive, as electron microscopes does their magic by means of electrons. For this the sample has to be coated. And today, the best type of coating would be the Cressington coater. Cressington has first started the coating business in 1973 and it came a long way in the field of high vacuum coating and manufactures a range of high quality coating products in the United Kingdom. Cressington is the leader in the coating technology and a trusted brand in the electron microscopy community. Cressington coaters can be found in a wide range of industry as an essential sample preparation tools from Universities, material research centers, life science institutes, semiconductors companies, electronics companies, aerospace, automobile, hard disk manufacturing and even forensic research. Cressington has a wide range of coating products that meets the stringent requirements from users of SEM, FESEM, High Resolutions FESEM, FIB and TEM. The Cressington coater is the best and most widely used kind of coater when it comes to electron microscopy. Cressington coater is suitable for any type of electron microscope, be it FEMES or SEM or TEM. With the improved resolution of electron microscopes today, it is best to have a high resolution coating as well. And the Cressington coating is best suited for that job.

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