Sputter Coater using 328 Ultra High Resolution Sputter System has the improved resolution of FESEMs and TEMs which demands improved specimen preparation techniques and resolution coatings. The Sputter coater from Cressington is specifically designed for the needs of ultra high resolution FESEM or TEM imaging. For nonconductive samples, specimen preparation and coating is the key to ultra resolution coatings are ultra-thin, structure-free and conform metal (W, Pt, Cr or Ir) or carbon coatings.

The 328UHR Ultra High Resolution Sputter System includes a unique on-axis twin sputter source sputtering of metal without breaking the vacuum. The twin source design rotates at 180 degrees placing position and the other sputter head on-axis for coating. A shutter is incorporated for target conditioning. The power supply supplies up to 80mA continuously variable sputter current. As for those with large selection of sputter targets W, Pt, Cr or Ir is suggested.

The programmable Turbo Pump on the 328 Systems can be optimized for both ultra high vacuum or for load lock system enables quick sample transfer without breaking the near UHV vacuum. The Eucentric is selecting the desired coating angle with the indexed angle control handle outside the vacuum chamber.

The Sputter Coater has a thickness monitor integrated in the 328 System. Larger samples (up to 90mm) can be loaded through the front window or door with its unique latching lock door, the pump down and cycle time will be longer. The 328 Series is available in two versions: the  328 UHR for Ultra High Resolution Sputtering of FESEM Samples and 328 EB-Carbon for demanding FESEM and/or TEM applications.

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