Carbon Coater of Cressington, particularly the Cressington 208 is by far the most advanced Carbon Coater with wide applications for TEM, SEM and microprobe techniques. It allows change between varieties of applications with optimized operation conditions.

The Cressington 208 is designed as a modular system to adapt to the many different needs demanded techniques. The basic system can be fitted with different accessories to customize a specialist shadowing, aperture cleaning, glow discharge and others. It can also be fitted with SEM or Scanning Electron Microscope with high vacuum for microprobe or polished substrates or granular substrates. The Cressington Carbon Coater 208 can likewise be fitted with both.

This product boasts of its main features which provide advantages in many ways. First of is that the voltage controlled rod source gives multiple evaporation capability. It also has automatic evaporation control which gives ease of use in a busy environment. The Cressington 208 also has low cost thickness monitor that gives reproducible results, and an 80 l/sec turbo pump on a 150mm chamber that gives very rapid pump down.

Using Cressington Carbon Coater can dramatically reduce operating cost. The reduction of operating cost works in two ways: first is due to not having diffusion pump to leave and the second is due to not having to need for water cooling.

Consequently, there will be no need for LN2 or dry nitrogen gas optional and there will be a more compact, space saving, and modern bench top design.

Applied Physics is a scientific instrument distribution company incorporated in Singapore which makes available of this product. The company’s services and products offering are dedicated to the electron microscopy community. It likewise offers products such as RF plasma cleaner, sputter coater, carbon coater, high vacuum evaporators, freeze fracture coating solutions, vacuum pumping systems and consumables. Applied Physics has a dedicated team of people with years of extensive experience in the field of electron microscopy and microanalysis. They truly understand the needs of each customer and are focusing on what they do best. Their customers are their priority as such they are committed to their customer to deliver the best solutions for their applications and requirements.

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