Sputter Coater 328 UHR - Ultra High Resolution Sputter System includes a unique on-axis twin sputter source sputtering of metal without breaking the vacuum. The twin source design rotates at 180 degrees placing position and the other sputter head on-axis for coating. A shutter is incorporated for target conditioning and the power supply supplies up to 80mA continuously variable sputter current. A large selection of sputter targets we suggest W, Pt, Cr or Ir. The programmable Turbo Pump on the 328 Systems can be optimized for both ultra high vacuum or for load lock system enables quick sample transfer without breaking the near UHV vacuum. The Eucentric selecting the desired coating angle with the indexed angle control handle outside the vacuum chamber.

The Cressington Sputter Coater 208HR - High Resolution now offers real solutions to the problems encountered when coating difficult minimize the effects of grain size the 208HR offers a full range of coating materials and gives unprecedented deposition conditions. To minimize charging effects the 208HR stage design and wide range of operating of the uniformity and conformity of the coating. The HIGH/LOW chamber configuration allows easy adjustment.

 Cressington 108 carbon coater on the other hand, uses a novel evaporation supply. It boasts of several advantages and user-friendly features such that the current and voltage are monitored by sensor wires in the head and the evaporation source is controlled as part of a feedback loop. Also, the supply gives the conventional rod fed source unusual stability and reproducibility. It also offers low power consumption and the source shows exceptional re-starting characteristics. Anther advantage is that the evaporation source can be operated in "pulse" or "continuous" modes.

The Cressington 108carbon/A offers the choice of either manual or automatic evaporation. In automatic mode the evaporation source operates at a programmed voltage for a programmed time. The programmer is simply adjusted and displays voltage and time digitally. If preferred to be used in manual mode, the unique Cressington supply can be operated in "pulse" or "continuous" with the output voltage set using the rotary control.

The Cressington Carbon Coater 108 also has a modular desktop design which combines carbon control unit, pumping system and thickness monitor into an area of only 42cm x 60cm (16" x 24"). The desktop pumping system is fully integrated using a quick release all metal coupling system. The compact high speed rotary pump (30sec to 0.1mb) is mounted on an anti-vibration table with a desktop base.

In view of its pumping system, this can be easily extended into a dual pumping system to accommodate the Cressington Sputter Coater along side a Cressington Carbon Coater. Both 108 carbon coaters can be fitted with a high resolution thickness monitor in which the resolution is better than 0.1nm for carbon. Careful use of monitor and evaporation controller gives better than 5% reproducibility of coating thickness in the useful 15nm - 25nm range.

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