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Applied Physics Pte Ltd is committed in providing the highest quality that pertaining to the electron microscopy community. The team has a vast of both experience and knowledge in electron microscopy as well as microanalysis. We have always strived for its excellence in understanding customer's plight and providing the best solutions for them. The electron microscope is an effective method for exploring the micro world, and particularly uses a beam of electron to gain detailed information and allowing to see a smaller object efficiently. The electron microscope has enormous resolving power that offers effective solutions than the light microscopy. The solely benefits the electron microscope has to offer is immense depth of field that would ease your hurdles. The Cressington 208 HR coater has now provided the solutions for covering difficult circumstances or sample for FE-SEM. The main feature of this product is: ● Wide choice of coating materials that allows a wide choice of target materials ● Wide range of operating pressures: The flexible adjustment of power allows operation at argon gas pressure at 0.02 to 0.005 mbar ● Compact modern bench top design: The design will facilitate the work process and simultaneously terminate need for floor space, water, specialized electrical connections The sputter coater designated to scanning electron microscopy to prevent charging of the specimen. At applied physics, we offer sputter coater which is an economical, compact and easy to operate, that would facilitate the work process. The customers will reap benefits of our sputter coater such as increase thermal conduction, reduced sample charging, as well as preserve beam sensitive specimens. Meanwhile, carbon coater is designed to prepare specimens for electron microscopy - by evaporating high purify carbon fiber, and there is no need for expensive vacuum evaporators. SEMI-KLEEN plasma cleaner offers a cleaning solution for contamination control, and has been proven for reducing the risk of ion sputtering damage.

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