Advantages of sputter coating for the specimen

Sputter Coater is the best method for organizing non- conducting specimens for inspection in a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The manual sputter coater is an ideal and systematic system for sample coating. It comes with Au of non- conducting samples for "standard SEM imaging". The economical desktop have provided the benefits that you can reap, which offers rapid pump down times, fine grain coatings as well as fully variable current control. The safety is guaranteed, and the thickness monitor is highly suggested for precise measurements. At applied physics, we offer a low cost system that would facilitate your work process. Carbon coater is designed for managing specimens for electron microscopy. The primary applications for carbon coating in Electron microscopy are X-ray microanalysis. Cressington coater has been widely used where coating thickness has been consistency with high resolution coater. The Cressington 208HR caters a quick fix to the circumstances when coating difficult samples. The main features for this product are: Precision Thickness Control, Multiple sample stage movements, variable chamber geometry. Electron microscopy has been widely used for examining objects that can’t be seen with human eye. Electron microscope focuses beams of electron that offers a higher magnification. The electron microscopy must be well prepared before placing in the microscope vacuum. There are varieties of specimen and analysis that included fixation, dehydration, and cryofixation. To achieve the optimum results during microscopy electron, it is required to have a clean and well- prepared specimens. The besmirch specimen can cause a detrimental effect on the electron microscope analysis. Therefore, the plasma cleaner is designed to clean the hydrocarbon contamination. To get rid of hydrocarbon contamination a mixture of 25% of oxygen and 75% of argon is found to be the effective ones. It was reported that 25% of oxygen is effective in slashing down of hydrocarbon.

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